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Touch Resin

Touch Resin

Manufacture of touch resin with multiple color for LCD printer,compatible to wanhao, anycubic etc.


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The non casting resins have excellent property of high precision, high hardness, smooth surface and rapid curing.

Compatible Printer: Wanhao, anycubic Morpheus etc.

Light source: LED UV 405nm
Viscosity: 100-150 (25℃,
Density: 1.05—1.13g/cm³ 
Hardness(Shore D): 85-88D 
Tensile strength: 42.0 Mpa
Flexural Strength: 60 Mpa
Ekibgatuib at break: 10%
Notched impact strength: 45J/m
Available color: white, black,grey,tranparent, any color available


If you need 385nm resin, be free to reach us.

Be free to reach us if you have any query.

Contact:Yvonne Yang


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