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3d jewelry printing Factory

  • Desktop Dental DLP 3D Printer

    Desktop Dental DLP 3D PrinterDLP 3d printer for dental, high precision for dental crown, dental mouth tray

  • Jewelry Casting Resin DLP

    Jewelry Casting Resin DLP3D printer casting resin for DLP with UV lamp; UPIC-1000 yellow, UPIC-2000 green, UPIC-4000 light yellow 3D printing castable resin for DLP with LED lamp; EPIC-2000 green, EPIC-4000 light yellow

  • 3D Standard Resin

    3D Standard Resin3D Standard resin for wanhao anycubic Manufacturers & Suppliers - Wholesale Factory - Yongchanghe Technology

  • Largest Building Area Jewelry DLP 3d Printer

    Largest Building Area Jewelry DLP 3d PrinterJH 144 is with full HD LED UV projector and offering largest printing area, best option for mass production of mesh designed jewelry or large piece jewelry like bracelet.

  • Large printing size  DLP 3D Printer for mesh design jewelry

    Large printing size DLP 3D Printer for mesh design jewelryDLP 3D Printer JH 131 is best option for mesh design jewelry, large printing size, 24*7 hours non stop working

  • Dental 3D Casting Resin

    Dental 3D Casting Resinlow shrinkage with high precision 3D Resin for dental casting

  • Full HD DLP For Jewelry And Dental

    Full HD DLP For Jewelry And DentalJH-96 full HD DLP 3d printer for jewelry and dental JH 96 model is best option for jewelry and dental field, as it is full hd led uv projector, and printing size is big enough for full dental mouth tray up and down, and for jewelry, you can print mesh jewelry, large piece such bracelet or...